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Corporate Housing Solutions

September 19, 2018 by metro

Metro1827 is a perfect solution when it comes to corporate housing.

What is corporate housing?

People who work in business often need to travel or move in order to do their work. Constantly packing up and moving from hotel to hotel can sometimes be a hassle. Hotels can also be very expensive if a traveling worker needs to stay more than a few days. A more grounded, stable, and relaxed solution was needed. Corporate Housing is available at Metro1827 to solve many business problems:

  • Relocation:

Having to move a worker to a new location can be very costly and frustrating. The worker may need to sell their house or search for a new home. Sometimes relocations can happen so fast that there is no time to search for, and purchase the right home. Corporate housing is a great alternative to madly scrambling to find a place to live. The business can send a new worker to a fully furnished and comfortable apartment right away while the moving truck and signed papers can come at a later date.



  • Specialized Workers:

Many workers have to constantly move from site to site, many of these times are emergencies. Last minute hotel bookings can cost a lot. Corporate stays gives cheaper, and more residential feel to traveling from place to place. It can feel more like home with a full kitchen ready to prepare your favourite home recipes. Apartment amenities like the gym and sauna help to relax the weary professional.

  • Construction Workers:

Sometimes finding the perfect team for a major construction project can pull employees from all over the place. Finding an apartment and furnishings for all the distance workers is way too much work. Hotels do not feel like a home after a few weeks, and some construction projects can go much longer than that. Regina is constantly growing and construction workers need a home too. Corporate stays bring the home to the worker.


There are countless other situations where a fully prepared furnished home is the perfect solution. If you have a housing problem in the Regina Metro area, we would love to help you solve it! E-mail Metro1827 at info@metro1827.ca or call us at (306) 700-5121 right away for a breath of fresh air in corporate housing solutions.